Effective Lawn Pest and Insect Control in Livonia, MI

You take great pride in your property’s landscape; don’t let a pest ruin it!

unhelathy patchy green and brown lawn ruined by lawn pests Given the nature of lawn pests, they typically are found making their homes in trees, plants, grass, flowers and more. They can quickly multiply, taking over any host that they inhabit. At Independent Lawn Service™, we are a dedicated lawn pest control company whose goal is to make your property as pest-free as possible! With over 21 years of experience eliminating mosquitoes, grubs and more from Southeast Michigan’s properties, we’re your answer for lawn pest management! Learn more about the bugs, grubs, and pest infestations we can eliminate on this page.

large photo of mosquito on blade of grass

Mosquito Control

Don’t let pesky mosquitoes steal the pleasure of being outdoors. Our season-long protection offers a series of applications throughout the summer months, greatly reducing the population of adult mosquitoes in your lawn and landscape. Our trained professionals will apply our product to your trees and shrubs, low-laying water areas of your lawn and into the wooded areas around your property every three to four weeks. Since West Nile virus is a mosquito-transmitted disease with no specific treatment, the only ways to control the outbreak are by personal protection from mosquito bites, including the use of repellents and reduction in the mosquito population.

man spraying perimeter pest control treatment in a yard

Perimeter Pest Control

Independent Lawn Service™ can protect your home with a very popular service called perimeter pest control. This is a series of treatments that provide an insect shield around your home, preventing such insects as ants, earwigs, deer ticks, roaches and spiders from entering your house. Independent Lawn Service™ will administer an insect spray band around your home's surrounding foundation, cracks and crevices, as well as other “bug doorways” to keep insects out! We will provide five treatments starting in late spring before bugs invade your home for year-round protection.

mole climbing out of hole in the ground

Mole Control

Homeowners, groundskeepers or just about anyone who loves the look of a healthy, green lawn knows how disheartening mole damage can be. Though rarely seen by humans, these powerful little creatures burrow tirelessly through the soil in search of food, leaving their mark aboveground as grassless brown streaks running through a yard and small mounds of earth -- the infamous "molehill". After years of research, Bell Laboratories introduced their faux worm solution to mole control. Each worm contains a lethal dose and can kill moles within 24 hours of consuming. The size, shape and feel of the mole bait lets moles consume the bait in the same manner as its primary food source, the earthworm. Our mole control program consists of five applications throughout the season. With each visit, we will evaluate your lawn and damaged areas and insert our bait into the tunnels created by the moles to control further activity.

lawn grubs dug up from the ground

Grub Control

If your lawn has grubs, you may notice large brown patches of dead grass. Grubs are a huge problem for lawns; they feed on the roots of your grass, causing them to die. Treating grubs is difficult because they are very small but can multiply at an alarming rate. Independent Lawn Service™ is able to create a custom grub plan for your yard's unique needs. 

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This is my third year with Independent Lawn Service™ and I couldn't be more pleased.
Independent Lawn Service™ has done a delightful job with consistent results at the last 2 homes I've lived in since 2014. They can revive and reverse a lawn neglected and over-run by weeds, quack grass, and other undesirable traits. I don't know what their "secret sauce" is, but they do fantastic work and are dependable if you need specialized assistance. I will keep using them. Thomas M.* via
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