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The key to a successful lawn is fertilization, but it’s not always that easy.

green, fertilized, fresh cut lawn with beautifully landscaped flowers surroundingIndependent Lawn Service™ uses the latest technology in fertilization products with the highest Nitrogen absorption available on the market. Our slow-release granular fertilizer feeds right into the soil and directly into the root system, providing you with a beautiful green lawn throughout the season from start to finish. The results of our expertise include a richer, longer-lasting color, a better-established root system, and healthier, more vigorous grass blades. Our season-long services have kept Michigan lawns greener for longer, leaving a trail of happy customers!

With Independent Lawn Service’s™ Season-Long Lawn Care Fertilization Program, You Will Receive:

  • Regular applications of premium slow-release granular fertilizer
  • An analysis of your lawn's condition at the time of each application 
  • Guaranteed crabgrass, dandelion, and broadleaf weed control throughout the season
  • Driveway and sidewalk cleanup after every application
  • Free service calls between applications as needed for full-program customers

water spraining from a sprinkler over fresh cut green lawn

Proper Hydration & Mowing

We recommend 1-1.5 inches of water throughout the week, which equates to about 20 minutes of watering per zone five days a week. Watering should be done in the morning hours, if possible, to reduce the risk of turf diseases.

Our mowing recommendation is to mow the lawn each week as needed, keeping it at a minimum height of three inches.

dandelion weeds sprouting from green lawn

Weed Control

There is nothing worse for your lawn than it being overcome with weeds. They’re unsightly and all-around annoying! It seems as if every time you pick one, three grow back in its place. Proper weed control techniques implemented by Independent Lawn Service™ will control your weeds so they are no longer a nuisance!

Grub insects sitting in dirt from a freshly dug up lawn

Grub Prevention

Independent Lawn Service™ offers two products for lawn pest control and grub prevention. One will protect your lawn before the problem occurs, and the other will kill the grubs if they already exist and are causing damage.

Grub Prevention: After application, the grub prevention will prevent the next generation of grubs from causing any damage. This application carries a 12-month guarantee.

Sub Surface Insecticide: After application, the product must be watered in. This application will kill the current generation of grubs and will prevent further damage

Lawn Fertilization FAQs

As Livonia's most trusted professional lawn care company, we get many questions regarding our yard care services. We've gathered a few of our most commonly asked fertilization questions to help you find the answer that you seek. If you still need help or have questions regarding our other lawn care services, please contact us today.

How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

The frequency of lawn fertilization depends on factors like grass type, climate, and soil conditions. In general, lawns require at least 3 pounds of Nitrogen per 1k sqft throughout the season for optimal results. 

What Type of Fertilizer Should I Use for My Lawn?

The choice of fertilizer depends on your lawn's specific needs. Look for a balanced fertilizer with a mix of nitrogen and potassium. Consider factors like slow-release formulations and specialized blends for different seasons.

How Can I Prevent Over-Fertilizing My Lawn?

Over-fertilizing can harm your lawn and the environment. Follow recommended application rates, use a calibrated spreader, and avoid applying fertilizer near water bodies. You may consider soil testing to determine nutrient needs accurately.

What Are the Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies in My Lawn?

Yellowing, slow growth, and thinning turf can indicate nutrient deficiencies. Nitrogen deficiency often results in yellowing, while phosphorus and potassium deficiencies may affect root development and overall plant vigor. Regular observation and soil testing can help identify and address these issues.

The proof is in the photos!

Browse our gallery to see how we have taken our clients’ grass from dry and brown to healthy and green!

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This is my third year with Independent Lawn Service™ and I couldn't be more pleased.
Independent Lawn Service™ has done a delightful job with consistent results at the last 2 homes I've lived in since 2014. They can revive and reverse a lawn neglected and over-run by weeds, quack grass, and other undesirable traits. I don't know what their "secret sauce" is, but they do fantastic work and are dependable if you need specialized assistance. I will keep using them. Thomas M.* via
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