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Keeping your yard beautiful is an endless effort. Trees, shrubs, and grass need regular watering and fertilization to stay green. Without an understanding of local conditions and plant, it is nearly impossible to simply do it yourself. Independent Lawn Service is committed to meeting your lawn care needs. As a lawn service company based in Livonia, we keep Metro Detroit lawns healthy throughout the year, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the greenery.

A successful lawn begins with a great lawn aeration, but it also takes attention to detail, due diligence, and a know-how. In business since 1997, we have the knowledge and expertise to give your home or business the curb appeal it deserves.

Expert Lawn Aeration For West Bloomfield Homes

Independent Lawn Service leaves no stone unturned when caring for your green spaces. We offer a myriad of services to keep your shrubs, trees, and grass in good condition, including:

  • Irrigation - Water is essential to plant health, which is why we spare no effort to make sure your yard has enough of it. We begin by identifying natural water sources and determining how much of your plants' needs they can meet. We then supplement these services with advanced irrigation methods. Our goal is to supply all of your plants' needs without straining the environment or your utilities bill.
  • Fertilization - Independent Lawn Service uses proven fertilizer brands during all of our jobs. Slow release, granular fertilizer is especially ideal because it enters directly into the soil and root system. This means more vibrant colors, sturdier root systems, and wholesome blades of grass.
  • Design - Looking to incorporate new plants into your yard, but worried that they will crowd out the current ones or put too much strain on your water sources? Independent Lawn Service experts know how to incorporate more greenery without detracting from what was there before. You can expand and develop your yard while maintaining its existing strengths.

We've studied each plant's unique characteristics. We also study the characteristics of your yard and those of the community you live in, taking all relevant factors into account to ensure healthy, beautiful plants.

Our lawn care services can include:

  • Six applications of premium slow-release granular fertilizer
  • A seventh application with our season-end winterization formula
  • A report of your lawn's health
  • Crabgrass, dandelion and broadleaf weed treatment
  • Driveway and sidewalk cleanup following each visit
  • Complementary service calls between seasonal applications

The Benefits Of Scheduled Lawn Aeration

As a family-owned company with extensive experience in the Metro Detroit area, Independent Lawn Service understands exactly how lawn maintenance affects your home. By making your yard more attractive, lawn care raises the curb appeal of your property, making potential buyers more eager to purchase it. Our services also allow your yard to make more effective use of natural water and nutrition sources, reducing the need for water and fertilization and your environmental impact. Finally, a carefully-maintained lawn affords fewer hiding spaces for wild animals, keeping you and your family safe.

Weed Control

Weeds are one of the deadliest challenges that you and your yard will face. They're unsightly, annoying, and dangerous! Just when you think you've eradicated the problem, weeds can quickly return. We've developed weed control techniques that will mitigate this nuisance!

Aeration and Overseeding

Our experts double aerate and thoroughly seed each lawn that would benefits from the added attention. This means that your lawn won't show many holes from small cores being pulled. As those cores deteriorate, they become an insulating ally for the seed that are germinating beneath. This cost-effective practice enhances yards and can repair problem spots, resulting in a vibrant lawn!

Proper Hydration, Mowing, & Pest Control

For proper hydration, we recommend 1-1.5 inches of water throughout the week, which equates to approximately 20 minutes of watering per zone five days a week. We recommend watering before work or early in the morning. While a mowing schedule will vary depending on the type of grass, experts recommend each week, not allowing it to grow beyond three inches tall.

Pests typically make their homes in trees, plants, grass, and flowers. They reproduce quickly and will quickly infest a variety of areas. At Independent Lawn Service, we make the protection of your property our #1 priority! With over 21 years of experience eliminating mosquitoes, grubs and more from Southeast Michigan's properties, we're your pest management professionals!

For more information on how Independent Lawn Service can transform your yard, contact our team ASAP to learn more! We can keep your yard gorgeous for years to come with professional care and maintenance.

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This is my third year with Independent Lawn Service™ and I couldn't be more pleased.
Independent Lawn Service™ has done a delightful job with consistent results at the last 2 homes I've lived in since 2014. They can revive and reverse a lawn neglected and over-run by weeds, quack grass, and other undesirable traits. I don't know what their "secret sauce" is, but they do fantastic work and are dependable if you need specialized assistance. I will keep using them. Thomas M.* via
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