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With the heightened risk of winter driving, Michigan's seasons can be daunting! Independent Lawn Service works to make things safer for you and those closest -- providing reputable snow removal services to companies in Metro Detroit. With our extensive fleet of vehicles, we complete jobs large and small.

Today, Independent Lawn Service now services a diverse range of commercial and residential clients. We've made execution and dependability our mission. Along with the right tools, innovative solutions, and a staff of experts, Independent Lawn Service will accomplish your exterior goals.

Our commercial snow and ice removal services include:

  • Full-Service Site Management
  • Snow Loader Work
  • Snow Plowing
  • Deicing Agent Applications
  • Sidewalk Shoveling
  • Snow Relocation
  • And More!

We Are One of Only a Few Certified Snow & Ice Removal Service Providers

Protect your organization, building, and clients from harm and legal implications by partnering with Independent Lawn Service!

Our Vehicles - Stocked & Ready to Work!

Having storage areas for bulk salt and deicer snow-melting products at our yard and in several areas throughout the Greater Metro-Detroit Area provides a quick and effective response time to remove snow from your business. Also, with full-time mechanics and a full-maintenance facility, we continuously repair, clean and paint equipment - making sure everything is fully-functional at all times. Our team is known throughout Michigan as having the quickest and most reliable response times as soon as the snow hits.

Winter Guard

Michigan winter are brutally cold and unforgiving, covering your lawn with snow for months at a time. This puts your plants at risk, even before frigid temperatures move-in! To maintain healthy trees, we use a custom solution for evergreens, bushes and deciduous plants. Winter guard shelters trees and bushes from dehydration and makes them less brittle when frozen.

Our Detailed Record-Keeping Ensures Commercial Snow Plowing Consistency and Accuracy

We provide detailed snow maintenance records to commercial clients, specifying weather conditions and services provided. More than keeping you informed, these reports are evidence of your snow removal program, should you need support against any claims. Choose Independent Lawn Service.

Searching for the leading commercial snow plowing Contractors in Wixom? Contact Independent Lawn Service today! We're one of the only certified snow removal companies serving Southeast Michigan!

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This is my third year with Independent Lawn Service and I couldn't be more pleased.
Independent Lawn Service has done a delightful job with consistent results at the last 2 homes I've lived in since 2014. They can revive and reverse a lawn neglected and over-run by weeds, quack grass, and other undesirable traits. I don't know what their "secret sauce" is, but they do fantastic work and are dependable if you need specialized assistance. I will keep using them. Thomas M.* via
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