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Preparing Your Lawn For The Fall

As fall weather takes root, it is advisable that you change your gardening practices to get your lawn ready for the season ahead. Start your work about five to six weeks before the first freeze. Here are a few tips that you can use to tend to your...

Keep Your Lawn Weed Free With These Tips

A well-maintained lawn is the ultimate landscaping hack. Not only does it elevate your home's curb appeal, but also affords you an ideal locale to host friends and family. However, most homeowners find it difficult to keep their lawns weed free....

Why Is My Grass Brown?

Grass can be difficult to take care of during the summertime. Here are some possible reasons your grass is dying and what you can do to help get it back to a healthy green again. Heat The heat can be a major factor that is hurting your grass...

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

Your lawn requires sufficient water to keep the grass green throughout the year. Proper watering is always crucial to have the best-looking garden in your neighborhood. Without enough water, the grass will start to wither taking away the beauty of...

3 Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn This Summer

An interminable hot and dry weather promptly affects the overall image of your grass. Since summertime is usually an awesome time to enjoy your lawn, it is important to keep your garden looking good. Nevertheless, it can be costly and demanding if...

3 Benefits of Hiring A Lawn Service

When it comes to taking care of a lawn, many homeowners prefer to maintain it themselves without understanding the perks they miss out on when they do not hire a professional. Here are the top 3 reasons that will convince you to seek the services of...

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This is my third year with Independent Lawn Service™ and I couldn't be more pleased.
Independent Lawn Service™ has done a delightful job with consistent results at the last 2 homes I've lived in since 2014. They can revive and reverse a lawn neglected and over-run by weeds, quack grass, and other undesirable traits. I don't know what their "secret sauce" is, but they do fantastic work and are dependable if you need specialized assistance. I will keep using them. Thomas M.* via
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